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Alcohol Consumption Since COVID-19

Email address: Experts agree we haven’t seen the end of excessive drinking during the pandemic… Consumers across the country are emptying the stores of toilet paper, face masks, Purell, and Lysol, while others have been quietly stockpiling their liquor cabinets…            An upsurge in substance abuse is likely in the aftermath of regional disasters such asContinue readingAlcohol Consumption Since COVID-19

Illustration of a yellow moon and a gray and black labyrinth - literary magazine contributors. Read short stories online.

Our Moon

I awoke on a beach at night. It was all barren and empty; darkness surrounded me. I looked out to the ocean, and saw nothing but the moon’s pale glow reflected in black. The waters were still, though the moon’s image trembled terribly. I looked up to the sky, saw our moon there as well, and in the flesh, itContinue readingOur Moon

Color illustration of a spider's legs walking away. Short story Marriage Cat - Scary Spider Story

A Spider’s Trail

A lightning bolt followed by a heavy bang… The rain gushed down, placing the forest underwater in no time.Roe, deer, boar, and other wild animals ran out of the forest into the adjacent mountain area and sought a place to shelter there. BANG!Again a lightning bolt followed by an even more severe thundering than the previous one.Cholvemus Norr, an ArachnidContinue readingA Spider’s Trail

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