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Hope Baxter

Contigo el sol nunca se pone Eyes! Are all you need; Oceans collide and tides abide, Within your gaze, Your gaze of sapphire blue. What power do you possess, that makes the wold look a mess? You are the one and only gem amonst a sea of coal, Your eyes, Your eyes They take my breath… Your breath Breaths lifeContinue readingHope Baxter


FLOWER ON THE WALL I get upfrom the filthy bedand crawluntil I hit a wall,Sittingand leaning on it,my feverish bodyshakes violentlyprotesting,of how coldthe walls to my back,but it is somehowsoothing,it gives metemporary relief,from the burn marksof warmthI once trusted. Each secondthat passedweighs heavilyon my eyes,But I won’t sleep,‘I won’t sleep again’.I chant. On the windowthe moon peeks,I lose countof dayswithContinue readingariachez

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