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RDG 03: Cold Desire


Starting from the bottom of the Tree of Life we have:

MALKUTH (Kingdom) – 10 of Wands: World of Asiya – Action

The 10 of Wands card associated with the sefirah Malchut, is known as the ‘kingdom’ where all things manifest. This card reveals to you how your soul’s desire will come into fruition.
In other words, this is where and how your soul’s hidden desire will manifest. Firstly, this card advises that you must not settle. Keep working on yourself and your spiritual growth. As you begin to improve your spiritual self pro-actively, you will notice that your material world, including material possessions, will upgrade as well. Remember to remain practical and down to earth in your decision-making. I mentioned earlier that you should surrender to your higher-self and allow it to be your guide, which does not contradict the idea of being practical — being practical means living within your means, making realistic goals, and being honest with yourself.

YESOD (Formation) – Page of Swords: World of Yetzirah – Emotions

This card at Yesod is centrally located in the path of Sephirot and relates to ‘the primary and secondary conscious divine emotions’ (Wikipedia, 2021), the reading’s emotional aspect. All the Pages in the tarot announce a forthcoming change destined to occur, which works well here because of your soul’s true-hidden desire for a refreshing change of scenery, as opposed to being stuck in your usual ways and remaining the same. The suit of Swords represents our thoughts. So, here we see that you should allow your thoughts, aka intuition, to be your guide. A lot of people follow their hearts, but this card advises you to trust your intuition. Engage with the first thought that comes to mind, and don’t second guess yourself. Create a communication with your higher-self as you strengthen your 6th-sense intuitiveness.

CHOKMAH (Wisdom) – 6 of Cups: World of Altziluth – Emanation

The 6 of Cups in Chokmah, the right side shoulder of the Tree, refers to your desire to ‘grow up’ and take on to some of the more worldly appointments most often associated with adulthood. This card is also about unconditional love and being accepted and acknowledged by a person or persons that are above you on the food chain, so to speak. For instance, the boy in this card is of royal descent. He is coming out of his rich and fancy manor to give a flower to the peasant (commoner) girl. This concept can relate to a company you may want to get a job with that previously seemed out of reach, but now they acknowledge you and wish to work with you. They may have misjudged before but now will accept you as you are.

BINAH (Understanding) – Queen of Wands: World of Beri’ah – Creation

Directly across on the left shoulder is Binah – understanding and where it is opportunistic to have divined a Queen of Wands within the world of Beri’ah and its creative activity. Here the Queen connects to aspects of the ego to be aware of, offers advice, and a more profound understanding of how you should pursue your soul’s desire.

She knows that there are always two sides to everything; a good and a bad; however, she remains creative instead of destructive and focused on only the good. Her quote is, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.”
In the Rider-Waite deck there is black cat at the Queen’s feet, and it protects the Queen from negativity. Mystics say that black cats attract antagonistic vibes and associate cats with negative polarity while dogs are positive. Furthermore black, being the color that absorbs light, makes this female black cat the purrrfect energy vampire who protects the Queen by absorbing all of the negativity around her, leaving the Queen to be surrounded by positive energy only.

KETER (Supernal Crown of Will) – Moon: World of Adam Kadmon – Primordial Man

At the very top of the tree is Keter – ‘transformation’, and the wolf and dog in Moon are showing us that (over time) the wild wolf will evolve and change or transform into a cute, calm, and domesticated dog. However, the domesticated dog will always have a part of him that is considered his ‘wolf’ side or primal nature. The dog is aware of this primal nature but learns to control it. The wolf instinct will always be a part of the domesticated dog, no matter how far it progresses in its evolution.

Within this card, we also see the dog and the wolf joining as one as they travel up the path to enlightenment, and passing through the two pillars. These pillars mark the pathway leading from the known into the unknown. As we evolve, we do not know where or what lies before us, but we are always spiritually ready for whatever we encounter. There are 32 paths on the Kabbalah Tree of Life which human beings ascend to become ‘one with God’ and reach spiritual enlightenment. But, just like the wolf and the dog analogy, where the dog will always have a wolf nature deep inside of him, you too must be mindful and aware of your true nature. Learn to accept it but also learn to control it by feeding it only 10% of your energy. Regulating in this way will satisfy your ego’s animalistic cravings and consequently allow your spiritual self to mature and develop.

Know that transition takes time. (All things take time.) Remember who you truly are on the inside, and learn to love yourself unconditionally. Others will treat you the same way you treat yourself. No matter what or who you evolve into, you will always be you in your own heart.
This concludes your tarot reading.
Thank you for allowing me to share my gift and my knowledge.
Your friend,
Grant Isaac
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