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RDG 02: Am I Currently On Earth?



10 of Pentacles

Rider-Waite Empress


Going into the new year, 2021, I am concerned and worried about my finances, and in need of some career guidance…

2020 has been a rough year for everyone. When the COVID-19 restrictions took hold, the restaurant I was working at was forced to shut down. Thank God for the stimulus check and that I was eligible to receive unemployment benefits. I was also able to receive some financial aid from the National Restaurant Association. These funds allowed me to pay my bills while on furlough. Like the majority of service industry workers, I was now on a ‘stay-cation,’ spending most days at home during the lockdown. Not knowing when things would get back to normal got a lot of people worried, and their anxiety began to rise – but for me personally, I was actually looking at this situation as a blessing.

Being out of work these past few months has given me time to think about what I really want to do with my life. I know that I could always go back to being a Server in a restaurant if I had to, but I’d really rather not. I am soul searching right now and trying to find what is best for me and my happiness. I sense that there is something more fulfilling for me to do career-wise, though I have yet to pinpoint and figure it out.

I am looking for some direction and guidance on which step to take next. The COVID window of opportunity is closing (hopefully), and I don’t have much time to waste on ideas that will fizzle out or not stick – and I’m feeling bit stuck…

I want to know what career I should pursue. And will this career path bring me financial security? Or do you think that I should take my head out of the clouds, come down to earth, and simply return to my Server job once the restaurant re-opens?

Thanks. I appreciate any advice that you may have!
-Cherie T


Let me explain each card I drew in full detail as it pertains to this reading. Divination is like an onion with its many layers, and as I describe and reveal each one, your mind, like the onion, will open up, expand, and the dots will connect. Hopefully, you will experience a slight shift in awareness of your own behavior. By the end of this reading, you will be opened, elevated, and able to see the big picture, leading you to a better understanding of what exactly it is you need to do in order to move forward in your life…

10 of Pentacles = ‘the lord of wealth;’ ‘manifestation’ card

Empress = about to give birth to a new creation

10 of Pentacles = Action Card

I first drew the 10 of Pentacles card. The 10 of Pentacles is a powerful and very unique card. Astrologically it is Mercury in Virgo, and deemed ‘the lord of wealth’, for which both accounts allude to the concept of manifesting prosperity and abundance. The 10 of Pentacles in this way can be considered an ‘action’ card.

Similar to the ‘action’ cards is the popular card game UNO where there are the ‘DRAW TWO’, ‘SKIP’, and ‘REVERSE’ cards, and which serve a particular purpose. The 10 of Pentacles therefore, is a ‘manifestation’ card. Thus when a tarot reader divines it, they must draw one more card to see the specific details of what will soon manifest in the querent’s life.    

Empress is Drawn…

The Empress is pulled and we see here that in these cards, the Empress, like Binah, is about to give birth to a new creation. You should act on your inspiration, especially if this idea has had time to develop and grow in your mind. Your reading could refer to your applying for that dream job; the one that you feel unqualified for. Now is the time to act and to stop waiting. The only thing holding you back now from your prosperity is you.

Is there a particular thing for which you are passionate and don’t tell everyone about, perhaps only your closest friends? Something you have always done since childhood that makes you happy? It is this type of thing that you need to share with the world. Whatever it is that brings you happiness is sure to bring someone else happiness as well; no matter how silly or lame it might seem. You may think to yourself that there is no way to make money from it – there isn’t a large enough audience. But you will find that the better the niche, the better chance you have of making a profit. It is now time to remove all doubt and let go of any worries you may have about the future outcome. It is prime time to act and give birth to your “child,” which can refer to a business venture you may have been brainstorming, as well as some niche hobby that you rarely share with anyone.

Rider-Waite 10 of Pentacles

Rider-Waite Empress

All you need to do now is take the first step – with a little effort you will soon attract the prosperity you seek, and be blessed with a brighter and more financially secure new year. Just know that you will be successful at whatever you set out to do – you will reap what you sow. Is this the nudge you needed to gain enough confidence to begin your side-hustle?

Extended reading description…

The Ten of Pentacles in the Rider Waite Deck forms a Kabbalah Tree of Life with the tenth pentacle placed at the old man’s feet – representing the 10th sefirah on the Tree called Malchut, the material/physical realm where all things manifest. He is depicted looking out over his property and admiring all he’s created throughout his lifetime. Everything he’d once envisioned has happened. Over time, the seeds he’d planted long ago had grown—his dreams became reality.

Empress Symbology

After first pulling the 10 of Pentacles, the next card I drew was the Empress Card. Using the 10 of Pentacles as a map key, I am able to see how the Empress card corresponds with a particular pentacle, which represents an energy aspect of the matching sefirah, and will portray to us exactly what will manifest. For instance, the Empress card is Roman numeral III. All the number 3 cards, and cards associated with number 3, connect to the 3rd pentacle (sefirah) on the 10 of Pentacles card, which is Binah, meaning understanding. Binah is the feminine aspect of God, and gives birth to all things, including intuitive understanding through contemplation – literally giving birth to the whole of creation, and provides the supernal womb. Do you notice that the Empress is pregnant? This is why she is wearing a loose-fitting gown and is seen here sitting on comfy pillows. There are exactly 40 pomegranates on her gown. The number 40 is significant here because a fetus is inside a mother’s womb for 40 weeks before its birth. In the right background of the card there is a canal stream. This represents a birth canal. There are also the six-pointed stars of the Empress’s crown totaling, exactly 12 six-pointed stars: 12×6 = 72, and 72 is the Kabbalistic number relating to miracle making – as in the ‘miracle’ of birth. According to the Kabbalists, Moses engraved the 72 Names on his staff, which was used to part the Red Sea—one of the greatest miracles performed in the Torah.

The Empress is depicted in the card holding onto a golden scepter in her right hand, which represents her authority and control over the world aka her reality. She has the final say on when it is time to birth something new. This concept of control is symbolized by the wheat crop at the bottom of the card. The Empress has dominion over when it is time to reap the harvest. She planted the seeds and nurtured the crop; therefore, she says when it is time to cut and gather it. We now look at one more clue, which is the heart symbol placed at the Empress’s side with the astrological symbol for Venus on it. In Greek mythology, Venus is Saturn’s daughter, and the heart represents that Saturn loves his daughter. However, the heart is colored gray, which always represents wisdom, so that the Venus symbol being inside a gray heart represents that Saturn (the Empress as Binah) expresses a tough-love towards her daughter, Venus. Remember the 40 pomegranates on the Empress’s gown? Pomegranates, throughout the tarot, are a symbol for memory. Pomegranate juice is actually given to Alzheimer’s patients to help improve their memory. So, this is another clue that the Empress (Saturn as Binah) does not freely give love unconditionally to her daughter. The Empress remembers the past. She may forgive but will never forget, and she judges accordingly. She will not enable Venus or anyone for that matter; she cares too much to spoil them. Furthermore, the Empress does not repeat mistakes. She remembers her mistakes and learns from them, and is considered a nurturer when it comes to relationships, due to the way she treats her business and family, as well as herself.


All number 3 cards are associated with Binah, ruled by Saturn. Saturn is the god of the harvest and agriculture, as well as the lord of time. Saturn is the ruling planet for both Capricorn and Aquarius. Aquarius is symbolized by the water bearer, and babies are birthed out of the womb from their mother’s water. Capricorn is the hard worker who tends to the field, putting their hands into the creation of things and improving life for the betterment of others. So, here we have the clues that lead us to understand that the Empress is a hard worker and she wishes to improve her life as well as the lives of others around her by creating prosperity for all people and things she is involved in—whether it be business, career, charitable work, friends, or family. She is the one in control of her prosperity, as well as her destiny.

When it comes to business and relationships, the Empress approaches these things like a Capricorn would attend to a wheat crop throughout the year; nurturing it, looking after it, plowing the field, watering the crops, and planting the seeds during the appropriate times of the year. All this in total control – knowing when to either hold back or when to take action depending on the current season’s circumstances, which is a gradual process. Only after years of practice and experimentation with the field does the Capricorn know what appropriate actions -and daily regimens to partake in, and at the correct times of the year.


The Empress only wants the best for her daughter, Venus, and she wishes to one day show her off and be proud of her. This particular concept of a child refers to the development process of anything being taken from its seed level – and growing it into something big, such as when one starts with a simple idea and turns it into something that generates a stream of income. The Empress knows that things take time, attention, and effort – it is a nurturing process. Like the developing fetus in the womb during pregnancy as it’s nurtured with a mother’s sustenance throughout its 40-week birthing process, the fetus is readying itself to be strong enough to enter the world; and this creation of life is a miracle. The newborn is full of potential and carries within it the power to change the world—hopefully for the better. NEXT READING

Cheers to your success in the coming year!

Written by: Grant Isaac

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