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Color illustration of a spider's legs walking away. Short story Marriage Cat - Scary Spider Story

A Spider’s Trail

James could not restrain his tears…

Only the head and upper torso of his body had been buried, and to think Rolf gave his life for nothing. It made James feel completely, empty and exhausted.

The train ride to work would probably never be the same again. For quite some time, he had lacked the guts to ride the train again alone. But luckily, thanks to Beth, the woman who had supported him following the incident, they had each been able to return to a somewhat modified version of their normal lives.

The tunnel was closed indefinitely, and now the train traveled a different route, which took much longer. This comforted James, and perhaps the majority of passengers, because he could not bear to be confronted every day with the place where he had lost Rolf.

Beth now joined him, taking a seat in front of James, and was sitting in the place where Rolf had always been,
“Thank you for your support … for everything,” James sobbed.

 James looked out of the train window at one of their usual benches standing on the platform. “One day we’ll see each other again…” said James softly, and as the train rode on, he kept staring at the bench until it disappeared out of sight.

Written by: Andy Meeus

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