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Into Thin Air

Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer On the night of May 10, while several mountaineering groups navigated the peaks of Everest, an unexpected blizzard swept over the mountain, making the already grueling high altitude climbing conditions even worse. Once the snow ceased, those who’d sought to conquer the world’s highest mountain would have their lives taken by it. Into ThinContinue readingInto Thin Air

Alcohol Consumption Since COVID-19

Email address: Experts agree we haven’t seen the end of excessive drinking during the pandemic… Consumers across the country are emptying the stores of toilet paper, face masks, Purell, and Lysol, while others have been quietly stockpiling their liquor cabinets…            An upsurge in substance abuse is likely in the aftermath of regional disasters such asContinue readingAlcohol Consumption Since COVID-19

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